First Information Day

We made our first ever public appearance today. We went along to friends of Linn park’s Wild Fest event and set up some of our equipment to show the public. We had many people show interest in borrowing equipment for their schools, groups and families. We spoke to around 30 people about our project and briefly explained the equipment we had on show.

We are very pleased to announce that we have received confirmation from Opticron that they will be able to give us some equipment too. We will use this equipment with the project and for other relevant projects or wildlife walks where we feel the equipment would be of benefit.

The team

After Eilidh, Jack and Michael finished up they went back to Michael’s to discuss some more ideas and plan for the future of the project. We are keen to hear any ideas, suggestions and improvements people have about the project. This can be sent to us through the contact page.

Thanks for reading!

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