Q. What is the ‘Discovering Nature on my Doorstep’ Project about?

A. It’s about giving young people living in Glasgow’s Southside the chance to use special wildlife monitoring equipment to see what amazing wildlife is in their garden or near their home.

Q. But I don’t live in the countryside, so I’m not going to see anything that interesting, am I?

A. You will be AMAZED what wildlife might be wandering around, especially late at night or early in the morning. Have a look at the ‘Gallery’ section of this website to see some of the wildlife that has already been spotted in Glasgow’s Southside.

Q. How does the project work?

A. You can contact us to arrange to borrow equipment. Our team can come round and show you everything! You could attend one of our ‘Doorstep Nature’ workshop sessions delivered by our Young Naturalists and Project Leaders, Michael and Jack. There you will have the chance to see and handle bat detectors, moth traps, trail cameras and other monitoring equipment. You will then be able to book out equipment for use at your own home.

Q. Are the ‘Doorstep Nature’ workshop sessions supervised by an adult?

A. Yes! All ‘Doorstep Nature’ workshop sessions will be overseen by a minimum of 2 adults (with PVG clearance).

Q. Is the equipment dangerous and difficult to use?

A. No! All of the equipment is battery powered and is easy to use. Each piece of equipment will come with an instruction sheet.

Q. How do I get involved?

A. Check out our ‘Events’ section to see what ‘Doorstep Nature’ workshop sessions or information sessions will be happening near you ……… and book in. Remember, places will be limited!