Ringed Birds

If you see any birds with a ring on their leg, please report your sightings to the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO). Bird ringing is when a small metal or plastic is put on a birds leg, this has unique code meaning if they are seen again we can find out lots of information about them. This can only be done if you hold an appropriate license. Some of our team members have this license.

Our Project

We have a colour ringing project at Flenders Farm, Clarkston. There is a colony of Tree Sparrows which are a bit more unusual than the House Sparrow we commonly see. There are only a handful of sights in the Glasgow area where these birds can be seen. We have put some coloured rings on some of these Tree Sparrows and would thank anyone who sends us records. This will give us an indication of survival rates and where these birds are going.

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