To give young people in Glasgow’s Southside an opportunity to discover the amazing wildlife that’s all around them. We want to (re)connect young people with nature and help them value, protect and develop wildlife-friendly spaces around them.


You will have the opportunity to borrow wildlife monitoring equipment that can be used in your own garden or, for example, at a Scout Hall or similar. Just use the contact page and ask any questions. We will advise on what we think is best for you/ the group.

Does it Cost Anything?

No! However, a responsible adult will need to attend a workshop session with you to learn how to use the equipment and to sign a form agreeing to look after it and return it to the Project Team by the agreed date. Our team can also just explain the equipment when we drop it off to you instead of you having to attend an event.

Do I Record my Wildlife Observations?

If possible we would like all project participants to record their sightings on the relevant webpage (see the ‘Records’ page). This won’t take long and will help us build up a picture of the wildlife in urban Glasgow.

We will provide basic wildlife identification charts that will help you identify the most common species you are likely to encounter.

Don’t worry if you can’t identify everything! A few species recorded is better than none at all.

Age Restrictions?

Anyone can stop by at any events labelled as a ‘drop in’ event. Booking an event must be done by someone 16+ and anyone who comes that is 15 and below must be accompanied by someone who is 16+.